Laura Scheindlin, LPC, LMT
Mind + Body Therapies

What is Myofascial Release?

Fascia is a three dimensional web of tough connective tissue that extends throughout the body, surrounding and permeating every nerve, muscle, blood vessel, bone, and organ. Trauma resulting from a fall, accident, surgery, repetitive stress/strain, emotional stress, or habitual poor posture can cause the myofascial web to bind, restricting movement and eventually resulting in pain and/or other physical or emotional health issues. Myofascial Release is a very effective hands-on, therapeutic technique for both mind and body that provides gentle sustained pressure into soft tissue tightness
in order to un-bind or un-glue fascial restrictions, eliminating pain at its source.  

The therapist applies a gentle application of sustained pressure into an area of restriction, following the tissue as it releases.  Sustained pressure induces the piezoelectric effect and allows the fascia to elongate. Myofascial Release treatments are done in shorts, a comfortable tank top and/or sports bra/bathing suit top. If you forget to bring these items, no problem, considerations will be taken. It is safe, and does not involve machines,
oils/creams or drugs. It is the only form of therapy that addresses all elements of the connective tissue.
It is applied anywhere on the body to address tightness, tension, pain and other symptoms.

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